to our reality of complementary therapies

Indian Head Massage

by massaging the head, face, neck and back, it can help increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage


by stimulating reflex points of the feet and hands, it aims to re-balance vital energy pathways

Reiki Healing

a hands on healing treatment, Reiki is gentle and effective in helping with emotional and physical dysfunction

Do you suffer the following?...
Backache - Neck, Shoulder, Arm aches / pains - Discomfort & stiffness in the joints
Migraines and tension headaches - Muscular aches and pains - Stress or Anxiety
Sciatica or Leg pains - Whiplash injuries - Sports injuries - PMT / PMS - IBS

...or do you feel generally out of sorts and don't know why?

The Pharazyn Clinic may be able to help you