Our Therapies

Classical Manipulation is a gentle, whole body treatment aimed at re-aligning the body to maximise its healing potential using gentle adjustments and soft tissue work.
No need to undress

Massage, whether remedial or therapeutic, benefits the individual physiologically and psychologically. It improves blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, disperses the build up of waste products and leads to a supple, relaxed and more responsive body.
Modesty Gown Available

Reflexology - by stimulating reflex points of the feet and hands, it aims to re-balance vital energy pathways encouraging the body to heal at its own pace. Excellent de-stressor treatment and is one of ten used as a preventative health measure.
Just your shoes and socks/stockings off

Acupressure Chair Massage - Is aimed at balancing the flow of energy round the whole body thereby releasing tension in the muscles and joints. It promotes a sense of well-being and calmness helping you to be more focused and able to face the challenges of the day.
No need to undress

Basic Kinesiology - uses muscle testing to evaluate our structural, chemical and mental aspects. Its aim is to correct any imbalances within the physical, mental and emotional being. Also, it can be used in allergy / sensitivity testing.
No need to undress