Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, we have a holistic approach to life and therefore to our therapies.

The 'holistic approach' is seen in our interest in caring for the whole person and not just for the persons symptoms. Those symptoms may be connected to underlying personal issues. The mind, the body and the spirit are all interconnected where one may become out of balance then the others may well become out of balance too, to some degree. By attending to the whole person using whatever therapy that is appropriate for that individual we aim to balance the energies through their whole being - allowing their body to maximise its own innate healing powers.

We believe in a gentle approach with sympathy, empathy and understanding where possible, and humour where appropriate. In all this we have built up an excellent rapport with our existing patients.

We aim to see that our patients get the best possible treatment which would allow them to heal as quickly as possible - Bearing in mind that healing is a process and not an event.

To enhance our capabilities as Therapists and healers, we learn from studying other therapies, from other Therapists and from our patients.