14:23 16/12/2013 The Pharazyn Clinic

A bit of our history

Evah started her journey on the road to Complimentary Therapies after a bout of illness. She sought help from Chiropractic, Reflexology and counselling - all of which helped immensely.

In 2001 she qualified as a Reflexologist, swiftly followed by becoming an Indian Head Masseuse in 2002. Then followed 3 years of studying and practising Reiki - she is now a Reiki Master able to pass on the gift of Reiki healing to others.

Chris has been involved in the "care world" since 1980 when he started working with disadvantaged children and adolescents; later moved to working with the elderly. Following a serious cycling accident in 1989 and a series of of McTimoney Chiropractic treatments he decided to take a number of courses held at the McTimoney College in Oxford.

Now as a McTimoney Practitioner, Chris practises in the gentle art of McTimoney Technique (based on John McTimoney's philosophy and teachings) bringing together his trainings & the knowledge and experience gained through practising his other skills - Massage [Remedial & Therapeutic] (1994), Reflexology (1995), Kinesiology (2001) & Reiki (First Degree - 2008 and Second Degree-2009) and Bowen Technique (2017).